If you are facing a problem with the certificate that comes with the dialog box including an msg that the This includes Certificate errors of any kind, whether while browsing or while attempting to log-in to a wireless router: Check the Time/Date on the affected PC and on the Router itself. This includes Year, Month, Day, Time, AM/PM. Some routers have their own clock inside which must be set.

Error Checking in Hardisk

CHKDSK: TO ERROR CHECK THE HARD-DRIVES: Run this on all your hard-drives if you experience any strange problems.

Appearing various error messages

  • (Control Panel > System and Security. Under "Administrative Tools", click "Event Viewer > Windows Logs"). Look at
  • Both System errors and Application errors. The event viewer displays all errors detected by Windows 7


Open a Command prompt window (Run in Administrator mode), type: powercfg -h on <enter>, then: exit.

NOTE: You may have to turn off Hybrid Sleep in the Advanced Power settings for Hibernate to work. For more info click on Google Customer Support


If you are facing that problem that your file icon is not visible according to your program and not opening your file with your selected program of the program that is using for to open your file. Or your default program for a specific type file extension is not working then you can fix that issue by yourself with the help of our supporting article. follow that process or step that is given below:

1. If the Icons are in a folder, first drag them to the Desktop

2. Force a refresh of the Icon Cache with this trick. Go to (Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Your default programs). Pick a program like IE or Firefox and set it as default. This should refresh the entire cache.

3. Drag any Icons back to their folder. Read more at Google Play Music Customer Support


sometimes you have the problem to install a program for your need and it is not responding when you make double-click on it. some time the need the administrator permission to make that process.

When you double-click a file to install any software, you must be running in an Administrator User Account. Many programs and drivers just do nothing when double click the file if you are running in a Standard User Account, and do not ask you for the Admin Password as they should.

Sometimes it is very simple when you are installing a program just go through the right-click on the setup named the file and choose the option " Run as Administrator" and that program will install properly into your system or Computer. Visit website by clicking Google Customer Service

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